Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Update: It's 90 in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and getting hotter

Luckily we're indoors.  The little town of Lawrenceburg has a lovely library with air conditioning and computers.  Today we got up around 7:00 eastern standard time and left around 8:00 from Chattanooga.  We stopped for coffee and scones at a great coffee shop in Winchester, a nice town with a picturesque town square made up of old buildings.  We hope to make it to Tupelo, Mississippi today, but the hot weather makes for slow progress.  Leaving early was a must, as the temperature was nice and cool, almost bearable until around 11:00 Central Time.
That's right, somewhere along here we crossed time zones! 

There's a little byte of an update for y'all, as they'd say down here.  Here's the jist of what's happened over the past month or so since my last posting: 
-I crashed
-I finished my school semester
-Juli got her master's in art
-I changed the color of the bike
-We prepared for the trip
-We all went to the Rhinebeck Grand National Supermeet in the Hudson Valley
-We left from Rhinebeck on Sunday June 13.
-Rode through the Delaware Water Gap, saw the Martin Guitar factory, Gettysburg, Maryland, Harper's Ferry, Shenandoah National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Charlottesville Virginia, Smokey Mountains, Chattanooga, and we're on our way to Memphis via the Delta.

So I'd like to post tons of info on the last week or so, but won't be able to share much yet as we're not near computers often.  Don't worry, there are tons of great pictures and videos to share already!

We'll check back in with where we are and what we're doing soon.

Jeremy B

PS: A friend asked a very good question about what to do when we get very bad downpours.  Well the cute answer is that we get wet, but we really are prepared.  We each bought a two-piece rain suite that's designed to be worn over your protective gear.  It consists of a jacket and pants, so our feet are still exposed, and we're working on a solution to that.  The bike is fine in the rain.  Anything moisture-sensitive is sealed off. 
Now, in a really bad downpour, we will mostly not ride and wait it out.  We've already had some of those on the trip, and they are no fun and dangerous.  A light to moderate rain, though, is fine.